At the gym doing work ⭐💪
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@angoswede 🔥
@angoswede 🔥
💥 Today’s plyos. Jump rope 30 seconds, ab workout 30 seconds back to back. No breaks in between 10 rounds.. no better way to maximize calories burned ...
Olympic Weightlifting Seminar with @rreisfernando Vida always growing, always learning, always trying to get better! #vidafam #vidaville #crossfit #weightlifting
FULL BACK DAY WORKOUT || This was footage from a back focused workout a couple days back. The workout was all about reps and volume as I was shooting for 15 reps for each set for a total of 4 ...
Better late then never I say 😁... Friday nite sesh was awesome... I'm getting that momentum and strength back from the time off at the holidays 💪... the full body workouts are very challenging and I'm loving the soreness all ...
Sometimes in life you find a blockage in your plans. My best advice is to get right in there and sort it out. #astitchintime #saturdaynight #tresglam #nogloves #ivegotthis #teambond
😯🦄 DOMS ALERT! 🦄😯 I absolutely killed my glutes yesterday today HAD to be a rest day! But that’s fine, listen to your body kids 💖💕
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The omega-3s in lettuce protect the heart and also improve skin and hair health
6 sets of doubles started off hot got shitty had to strip it down to finish
Can we all just take a moment to appreciate our SHEPHERDS PIE?! We take lean ground turkey, add our sautéed veggie blend and (from scratch) veggie gravy then top it with non-dairy sweet potato mash. We just released this meal ...
It’s a Saturday, I have the morning/ afternoon off, which is an absolute blessing, and it is gorgeous outside!☀️ So I decided to go outside and practice the second physical activity that I love the most! Before I got really ...
What’s your favourite booty exercise?🍑✨

I love these squats at the moment, putting the catch thingy on (don’t know what it’s called) at the bottom of your squat allows the weight to be taken off of you. This allows ...
Well, I have lost an inch around my thigh circumstance in the last month, and I lost about an inch around my waist. Today will likely not be a healthy day as I will be attending a concert! Feeling great ...
Йо-хо-хо )))))) небольшие и, согласна, очень-очень 😬 корявые плюс 2 кг к максимальному толчку 🏋🏻‍♀️ ееееее 💪🏻💪🏻 как сказал тренер - «Уасяяяя!!!!» 😂 #42кг #тяжелаяатлетика #weightlifting #cleanandjerk #nike #nikeromaleos #asics #rocktape #yousteel #varvar #training #trainhard #sport #ростов #ростовнадону
Men’s 105+ kg A Session Clean and Jerk - 2017 IWF Weightlifting World Championships (WWC) The super heavyweight category at the 2017 WWC in Anaheim, California, USA.
Men’s 105+ kg A Session Snatch - 2017 IWF Weightlifting World Championships (WWC) The super heavyweight category at the 2017 WWC in Anaheim, California, USA.
Meet the LeBron James of Weightlifting: The 16 Project Tucked away in a small gym in Beaufort, South Carolina, a young weightlifting phenom trains day in and day out. Considered by many to be the future of USA Weightlifting, CJ Cummings is working...
Team USA Weightlifting at Rogue HQ Team USA Weightlifting held a 2 day athlete camp at Rogue Fitness in October as a tune-up before 2017 Worlds in Anaheim.

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