Shout out to this gorgeous Vincentian woman... someone misses you #vincentianwomenarebeautiful
It’s glow up season out in these streets! Tag a friend ✨✨✨ #happysunday #vincentianwomenarebeautiful
Vlog - How many Youtubers does Vincy have!? I met up with some of them! I had a wonderful afternoon meeting other Youtubers from St. Vincent! Thank you to everyone who supported my event and everyone who showed up! I will forever be grateful to major sponsor Signature...
My Skincare Routine!! || Aija Fraserβ™› Go to Vincentianwomenarebeautiful on facebook and instagram and like my picture, help me win!! Social Media Snapchat- aijaboo24 Facebook- Aija Fraser Instagram- aijafraser Thanks for watching...
WHAT'S IN MY MOUTH CHALLENGE | WOLF DAIJA Help Aija win this contest, go like her picture @vincentianwomenarebeautiful on facebook and instagram. also share!!! Dante's channel :

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