We have a few @Mothership_Glass non deep dish swings available for $100 shipped with a free mothership t-shirt! We have Gold, Bronze and Silver Righty & Lefty #mothershipglass #mothership #mothershipelite #honeybucket #megapot #quartzswings #ofz #glassforsale #boroforsale #buyboro #buyglass #scientificglass #function ...
@mothership_glass Drop, SE Portland location, Tuesday 10/10. Grab tickets between 10am-11am & purchase order will be drawn at 11am.
Online drop TBA soon.
#mothershipglass #mothershipdrop #str8fab #torus #klein #minibub
Happy #mothershipmonday AND BIRTHDAY To my not so little little bro! Can't believe the baby of the house is finally an adult! 🕺🏻can't wait to see how you pursue your goals as a man! #18 #youngblood #mothershipelite #mothershipglass #croptober
Voorhees Glass 10mm HIB #56 Terps and Serum & Lekseno Glass CFL LFM Carb Cap Voorhees Glass 10mm HIB #56 Glass Alchemy Terps and Serum and House of Boro's Lekseno glass CFL LFM Carb Cap. Check out more Voorhees Glass on Instagram @Mr.Voorhees or Lekseno @Leksenoglass...
Chronicast #76 with Canna Organics Smoking some Canna Organix Gelato Terp Crystal dabs and GG#4 and Sherbet Joints with KJ and Ebony Show proof of the share of this post to get entered to win the weekly PRIZE Dank's Wonder...
Cannabis Review Canna Organix x Altus FEAT. Legal 80mg CBD Cranberry Drink Review: Canna Organix Sunset Sherbet Terp Sugar Altus Pineapple Hammer wax Legal 80mg CBD Cranberry Drink Shout Out to for carrying some fine products! ...
Gelato from canna organix and run by oleum What a wonderful dab! This gelato hits all the points in terps, other cannabinoids, and THC high I love just about anything from oleum so it was a no brained that I would love this.
4:20 PIT STOP with Tecate Jon Gelato/O.G.KUSH Pt.1 On this episode we give our friends at Canna Organix review on their Gelato strand. Check up with the follow up video to this first half of the episode. Pt.2 up soon!
Growing Marijuana: Canna Organix Sea Change Cannabis visited Canna Organix while shooting Verde Noir and sat down with Tim and Steve. They talk about their partnership and the hybrid grow style.
Canna Organix GG#4 flower Review. Great weed! John opens, inspects, smokes and reviews some Gorilla Glue #4 from CannaOrganix & dabs on some Strawberry Crème shatter by Dab Dudes.

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