Left side not great, Right side trying to improve.
Send me your pic and I’ll tell you how to improve it, get stronger and reduce risk of injury.
Do you know how to strengthen your back ...
Full time student, part time working and low key trying to live. Just keep working hard and thank yourself later right? .
Some of the exercises I did today. ☞squats low bar ☞ high bar ☞hip thrusts ☞split ...
Faible intensité mais bon pas de chichi on fait le taf quand même des séries en pause et de l'assistance. Merci au cadreur @flexfla .#primalperformance#lift#bodybuilding#squat#fitness#motivation#squatday#riendanslecul#force#haltero#booba
That moment when it feels like you just got slapped in the face #nosetorque #pumpedup #squatday #metroflex #milkmoneygainz
Getting those #squats in 3 times a week now. #squatday
Solo a vederlo si sente dolore.😂💪 🔥🔥🔥💣 Hai mai fatto questi esercizi?
COME ti ALLENI conta più di QUANTO ti ALLENI! 😉💪 Se vuoi perdere peso più in fretta, devi darti da fare.
Entra adesso nella mia OFFICINA del FITNESS ...
555x2 PR! Last squat day of meet prep went quite well. It's about the only thing going well right now. This is a pretty big PR double for me. My last warm up of 505 flew up fast. I'm hoping ...
THIS is what this shirt is all about! 👊👊
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#repost @fitdentist3 with @get_repost
#dominated #squatday today in some new gym gear from @spunkyfitnessjunky 395 for 3 sets of 4 and unracking ...
🏋🏋💪💪Shout out to @tracyaudette for this one. She is the Meme Queen. Don't be mad dear... I had to repost this!! ❤
Its true that Ronnie destroyed his body training the way he did... but God Damn... what a F-n ...
I'll be completely honest!!
I cringe😣 when I hear anyone tell me they are on a diet!
Then I cringe😣😣 again if they tell me they only do cardio and avoid weight bearing exercises. .
If this ...
I used to be the girl who was called the “treadmill girl” at the gym because I loved to run and that’s all I did. I was intimidated to do anything else. God forbid I touch free weights cause my ...
Yes and yes! 😍
Most important of all...have FUN with it! 💕😜🤙🏽
1. Back Rows 3x15
2. Push & Press 4x20
3. Squat Kicks 3x10
4. Deadlifts 4x15
5. Frog Squats 3x10
6. Lunges 3x15
#igfitness #strongwomen #cardioday #girlswhosquat #powerliftingwomen ...
The Circuit 🍑
4 right split squats
4 left split squats
4 wise squats
—> Curtsie Lunges 4 each side —> Stack Bosu’s push up with knee tuck
Also!! Pop Up class at 11am tomorrow at Play like a girl! ...
KILLER Squat Day I Try This Workout! This squat workout was AMAZING! I have been so sore all week. Comment below if you try it. I got this from Rachel Back (@rachaelbackfit). The whole workout is below! I N S T A : @trainertanner...
Squat Day ft. Nick Wright and Brian DeCosta (MASSIVE Giveaway) This video is a squat day and collab with Nick Wright and Brian DeCosta! We trained together in Rhode Island - and then headed to grab some vegan grocery items to cook dinner for the fam with....
by ipowerlift.net WNPF 2017 World Championships Squat Day 1 WNPF 2017 World Championships Squat Day 1 Kissimmee Florida 11/11/2017.
Learn the Best Exercise Ever | How to Squat?Day 36 |हिंदी | Fat Loss Challenge How to unrack the bar? What is proper bar positioning on the back? What is a high bar squat ? What is a low bar squat? What should be the head positioning during a squat? How should the abs...
HEAVY SQUAT DAY WITH MY BOYYY Edited the title because there was too many hurt fellas out there thinking im racist lol so my work here is now done, thank you please dont come again. All my fitness plans are available...
【筋トレ】筋トレ女子100kg目指せスクワット脚|Leg Squat Day Female Powerlifter 絶対100kgバーベルスクワットするようになるぜ!!!毎週重量上がるので、気をつけてやってきたいと思います! ♥ twitter @kintorejoshiyt...
2017/06/06 squatday スクワットのメイン練習動画.

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