So I had a person decided to tell me I needed to work on certain parts of my body. It was a complete stranger and had no idea the journey I was on. Didn't know where I came and has ...
#shutitdown @brent_coleman7
I don’t always go to the bar on a Saturday night, but when I do I shut it the fuck down!!! #shutitdown#jontafferapproved
Facts. Nobody pulls through like ctrl, alt, del. Smh
#facts #ctrlaltdel #backup #whoyougonnacall #loyalty #truth #life #shutdown #shutitdown #ctrl #alt #del
Today a cashier referred to me to as a sir twice ok 😒. You better believe I said something. He went on to explain that he only saw the side of me,which means he made an assumption. I thought to ...
**Please SIGN THE PETITION** so we can get a public hearing with the VRMC and stop the Mountain Valley Pipeline. Link to petition in bio.
The Mountain Valley Pipeline still has to get approval from the Virginia ...
Kai Wachi - SHUTITDOWN Support COCO Drops by hitting that subscribe button to stay tuned for the next releases. COCO YT: COCO Twitter: COCO Soundcloud:
Kai Wachi - SHUTITDOWN SHUT IT DOWN is Kai Wachi at his best & hardest! Stream & download: -- Dirty doesn't begin to describe just how nasty this original is; even by Kai's standards...
Party Favor & Dillon Francis - Shut It Down (Official Music Video) The official Mad Decent YouTube Music Video release of Party Favor & Dillon Francis - Shut It Down. Stream the full track and other artist releases here or show support on iTunes or Spotify....
SHUT IT DOWN Can't let those #Wikileaks hate facts ruin Hillary's day - Clinton News Network knows when to pull the plug on a meanie.
Lyrics Of Two-"Shut It Down" (Lyric Video) "Shut It Down" By: Lyrics Of Two ©2014. Song released 2017 “Shut It Down" by Lyrics Of Two is out now at : itunes: Spotify:
Skepta - Shutdown Skepta - Shutdown' OUT NOW - Stream Shutdown on Spotify - Produced by - Skepta & Ragz Originale Video Directed by - Grace LaDoja...

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