Mom: On the way.
Tiffany: That poor baby!
Tiffany: I can’t let that psycho woman find her.
Mom: Tiffany what did I say?
Mom: Do not go into the basement!
Mom: It’s for your own good.
Tiffany: I have to ...
Mom: Go hide until I or the police get there.
Tiffany: I can’t wait for the police they’re taking too long already!
Mom: Honey please.Stay put!
Tiffany: Mom I’m freaking out here.
Tiffany: I have to do something.
Mom: There’s ...
Tiffany: I think I see a shadow in the window…
Tiffany: It’s a woman
Mom: Don’t let her see you!
Mom: She is crazy!
Tiffany: Who’s crazy?
Tiffany: Mom who is that?
Mom: What Is she doing now?
Tiffany: I ...
Tiffany: Do you hear that?
Mom: Hear what?
Tiffany: There’s a baby crying
Mom: I’m not home
Mom: Wait until I get back
Tiffany: It’s coming from the basement
Mom: Don’t go down there Tiff
Tiffany: What? Why not?
Mom: ...
can’t help but love you
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tagga la tua migliore amica😻
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when will it end.
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ecco a voi un altro separatore che secondo me fa cagare ma dato che ne avevo fatto uno per halloween mi sono sentita in dovere di farlo anche per natale
> quanto fa schifo da O a 1O?❄
p.s.: ...
"Did somebody order a packet cause I'm here to deliver y'all" 😍😂 Such a cutie who keeps me happy and laugh since such a long time 😍😭 Omg imagine you order something and Ari delivers it to your house like ...
Ariana Grande leaving recording studio in Los Angeles with @joangrande on 29th of january of 2014🖤
Do you love Queen B?😍
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Ho ristrutturato per avere un feed più ordinato,per quanto riguarda il fact sono veramente dispiaciuta.😔
»victorious o sam&cat?
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How was your day ?
multifandom usernames!!, our second post are these lovely Multifandom Usernames, dm me if taken!
@peachvfx ✔️

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everyday x sts
collab w my b @editingwithcami ♡
my part is everyday!
YALL I DID IT SJSJ?!? I MADE MY FIRST EDIT WOO!? Thx @myedit03_ for the app ideas i appreciate it a lot💖 Ik this isnt perfect but this shit took me like forever to make and im quite happy with ...
"He's so scary!" Rickiana Ricky Alvarez and Ariana Grande cute snapchat moment.
Rickiana - the way he looks at her!!! Ricky Alvarez (Rozay) and Ariana Grande perfect moment.
Rickiana neck bite Ariana Grande and Ricky Alvarez #rickianamoments rickiana neck bite.
A Detailed Rickiana Story ft Seaniana Breakup and Justin Bieber Drama This is an April 2015 recap in detail of Ariana and Sean's breakup. Along with the Rickiana hookup and Justin Bieber Drama. Happy #MoonlightMonth This is just a little detailed timeline of...
I hate u I love u | Rickiana Break-up Video Edit Recently Ricky & Ariana ended their year long relationship so I wanted to make this quick edit Song - i hate u i love u - gnash Instagram accounts: @moonlit.ari @x.zoellax.

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