Box squats from yesterday. Program didn't call floor them, but I had more in the tank 😅 305lbs 4x4. What's your favorite leg day accessory lift fambam?
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Bench press (main lift): 105kg (5*5).
Cambered bar squat (squat weakness area): 152.5kg (4*4).
Today was tough as I was only functioning on about 3hrs sleep 😢. ➖

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"Seja PACIENTE e entenda que a JORNADA tbm tem o seu valor"
👉🏾TBT_PHOTO: Campeonato Paulista do interior 2017 (Mococa_SP).
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A few clips from today. Seated OHP PB!!! 😁🎉🎉🎉 Bench and squats nice and light ready for my single bench @ RPE 8 on Thursday! Going to be pausing every rep on bench from now until the Britis, to get ...
Year two of Iron Sisters USA! Started off in San Antonio, Texas at @texasstrengthsystems !!!!
Such a wonderful group of ladies! So much power in one room for three days is so empowering. -
Such a rewarding experience ...
Now if there was ever a shirt that "fit" me!! @theehypeman is doing it big on #teeshirttuesday!! Drop the DMs to @boadapparel!! #tuesday #gymflow #gymgear #rawpowerlifting #olympiclifting #bodybuilding #physique #southernhospitality #nola #2018
Possibly my favorite lift of the meet, here's @cswaylift pulling a new deadlift PR to win her division with her final lift of the meet
I'm not sure who that crazy lady is yelling in the background but she ...
Tonight's post-workout. After a long day and a solid workout, this coupled with some Netflix is exactly what I need.
Deadlifts went slow and drained batteries with every rep, leaving me lightheaded. On the bright side, the body was cooperating so I used the programmed weights and didn't pass out #greatsuccess
Post Squat accessory work!
Deadlift singles 435+Bands
SSB Squat triples at 430
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I've been super lazy to post squat and deadlift videos, but to be fair it looks so similar almost every week. This is video from week 1 and I did the exact same deadlift variation today, with only less reps ...
Best Belt ever, The Wahlanders Belt. Available at at-letic. Can’t wait to get my black one. #powerlifting #rawpowerlifting #fitness #fitnessgear #gym #fitdutchies #strongman #strongwoman #belt #powerliftingbelt #fitnessbelt #seriese #highendgym Seriese Gym Powered @wahlanders @atleticeurope
Feeling it from yesterday, the last rep of every set wasn’t great. 97.5kg for 5’s
GPC WM 2017 / raw powerlifting M1 -82,5kg /2.Platz inkl. Weltrekord Bankdr. GPC WM 2017 raw powerlifting Maszer 1 (40-44jahre) / -82,5kg (76,5kg) Knie: 210, 227,5xxx , 227,5xxx Bank: 170 m1 wr, 180 m1 wr, 185xxx kreuz: 205, 220, 235 To: 625 Platz 2.
THE STARTING POINT | Raw Powerlifting Nationals Prep Episode 1 This is where your window into my journey starts! Leading into today, I reverse dieted for 12 weeks and then went into maintenance mode for 6 weeks. Today, I'll be changing my goal to moderate...
RAW Powerlifting 2017 week 28 People hitting pr's all week!. Remember to order the channel for support. Tell me on comments what you would like to see.
MY FIRST POWERLIFTING MEET | 2017 PHILIPPINE RAW POWERLIFTING CHAMPIONSHIPS 2017 Philippine Open & Age-Group Raw Powerlifting Championships hosted by the Powerlifting Association of the Philippines Songs: IMPALE by PEARL WHITE https://soundcloud.com/pearlywhite/impale.
Janos Fazekas (-90 kg) - WRPF World RAW Powerlifting Championship /Moscow 17.11. 2016 Janos Fazekas (HU) absolut hungarian champion,absolut europen champion, absolut world cup winner, world champ, world record holder Category: OPEN -90 kg Squat 301 kg -WR- Benchpress 190 kg...
Arnold 2017 | 1003 lb Raw Powerlifting Total Some footage from the meet! Only included last attempts as my first and second were easy and boring haha. Hope you all enjoy :)
Does WestSide Training Really Help with Raw Powerlifting ? This channel is the RTS Coaching Call channel. To see the main RTS channel with all of our other videos, please see: https://www.youtube.com/user/Power275 Lifters featured in our training...
Mukesh Singh wins European Raw Powerlifting Championship ! Indian Bodybuilder and Powerlifter, Mukesh Singh, does a deadlift of 630 lbs and wins the "Best Lifter" title at the European Raw Powerlifting Championship 2016, Germany. Here are a few of...

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