Puthinator moments. This video is made by charlie's videos and it is made for the puthinators (specially)= I hope you guys like it . If you do then like the video and leave a comment and subscribe my channel...
Charlie Puth | wHo Hello Puthinators! How are you? Here you've a new video, hope you like it! Leave a comment and share it with a person who loves Charlie Puth! Have a beautiful day!
Deck of halls - Charlie Puth (funny) Charlie Puth deck of halls Charlie Puth funnyvideos Charlie Puth2017 Charlie Puth christmassongs Charlie Puth voicenotes release Best singer Puthinators Charlie Puth funny moment.
Sex faces | Charlie Puth Hey Puthinators, what's up? I just did this funny video about Charlie's sex faces! Hope you like it, enjoy! Also, comment your favorite face! Do you have a suggestion for more videos? Leave a comment!
Charlotte Puth Hello guys Im charlotte puth 13 Puthinators n logang Plz like,subscribe n comment nice on my channel.
Attention Lyrics -Charlie Puth💚 I tried my best while making this video! This is my first video on YouTube, so plz can we hit 100 likes? Yo Puthinators!
How Long Charlie Puth (Lyrics Video) Hey Puthinators, our king just released this amazing song! Enjoy! The video has grammatical mistakes, I tried my best!
Charlie Puth ft. Puthinators Hey guys! This is my new video, enjoy! If you like it, leave me a comment! Have a good day!
Artist Vs. Fan: Charlie Puth We invited some of Charlie Puth​'s top Spotify listeners to go head to head with him in a series of different challenges. Watch to find out who wins in our first episode of #ArtistVSFan...
The Puthinator's Day (sexy shades) Here is the sexy shades project, for the PUTHINATOR'S DAY!!! I did this with some fan, our usernames are written on the video. Follow me on : Instagram : @charlieputh_bae @_pianoplayer_ and...
Happy Puthinators Daaay! This is the 1st year we celebrate a special day for Charlie Puth 09/09/17.
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RoomieOfficial You can find them at store.roomieofficial.com (Outro in One guys 16 voices clip)
Charlie Puth turning 25 Here is the video I made for charlie's bday with 20 puthinators ! We wanted to show our love toward you hope charlie will see us.
Does it Feel - Birthday Suprise edition (Fans INA) This video special for Charlie Puth . Happy Birthday Charlie Puth 25th. From Jessica Lautan, Maria Regina Leonyta and Varrel Eleazar. Puthinators From Indonesia.
Charlie Puth "Extremely Sick" & Cancels Tour (DETAILS) Subscribe to Hollywire for The Latest Pop and Music News Updates! | http://bit.ly/Sub2HotMinute Pop Star Charlie Puth cancels the remainder of his 'Don't Talk' tour due to his 'extremely...
Charlie Puth One Call Away A Cappella Cover by Acapellago Nine Track Mind's One Call Away by Charlie Puth. Shout out to all Puthinators out there! Do Not forget to check this out and SHARE!
Bee_ Puthinators Kim-Seokjin คิมซอกจิน ผัวช้านนนนนน.

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