you hold
a common thought
I do

should we be
paying attention to
that selfconscious smile | "Warning Signs"

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.the list
listen to trevor hall in the morning, that music soothed you before and it will now
who cares if the scenery’s changed
brew fresh, hot coffee
don’t share, extra cream
make to-do lists
write long emails to your ...
سرانجام روزی به بی مرزی میرسم
و شبی به بیدردی ره می سپارم
آنجا که عشق مساوی با درد نیست
روی مچهای هیچکس «حقیقت سنج» نیست
«زمان از دست رفته» حسرت بار نیست
فقط یک نگاه کافیست
و برای خوشی ...
Everything is lovely. Stop looking at the ground when you walk and pay attention to the good things around you. There have always been bad things in the world, we just hear about them faster, and, sadly, good things are ...
कधी तुम्ही निवड बनवता
तर कधी कधी निवड तुम्हाला बनवते....
निवड तुमची आहे...😊
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I'll make a map of all my steps
I'll be honest and
raw. I'm not
of my dark, my
inner growl, my
slick desire. I don't
hide parts, I
leave them all out to
bask and to
🎄 Each day in December, I will be posting one of my original Haikus summarizing the plot of a holiday film, song, or television episode.
Jingle All the Way
🎁 To earn their sons’ love
Two ...
Happy holidays everyone 🍷
♥️Do I Sparkle?♥️ yikes I think I got a little carried away with the glitter 😂😘
why I love what I love.. ✍📝💗
[What Is Writing To You?]
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