Michael Gordon Clifford - AJ Not my gifs Please don't steal Thanks -AJ.
Vines, Michael Gordon Clifford Ensemblage de Vines. Vidéos Wattpad. Ceci est une oeuvre personnelle. Merci de bien vouloir la respecter. MissClifford.
Michael Gordon Clifford//XXX This is quite possibly the sexiest video you will ever see. I do no own anything apart from the video footage at 0:55-0:59.
Michael Gordon Clifford This is a video about how much I love Michael Gordon Clifford. I hope one day he sees it.
Michael Gordon Clifford Little video with all my best pics of Mikey:) Enjoy ! Musique : "St Jimmy" Green Day.
Michael Gordon Clifford II Radioactive Happy Birthday to my best friend the biggest Michael girl that i know, hope you didn't die though because i still need you in my life ... and even though your birthday is on October 21st i...
Michael Gordon Clifford - For Michael Girls This is for all of you! Hope you guys like it. Its my first time doing this so please bare with me.
Michael Gordon Clifford Michael is so cuddly, (sorry the music's bad)
UKGirlyTalk 'no tounge with butt' - michael gordon clifford.

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