Sublime - I love my dog R.I.P. Lou Dog ~ Nov. 25, 1989 - Sept. 17, 2001 Thanks for the video Eddie Villa.
I Love My Dog CAT STEVENS (with lyrics) This was Cat Stevens' debut single, and peaked at #28 in the UK charts back in 1966.
Peter Shelley - Love Me, Love My Dog 1975 Peter Shelley - Love Me, Love My Dog 1975 Freedom is a dusty road heading to a highway Californian skyways will lead us where we wanna stay Suddenly a summer breeze breaks a misty mornin'...
I LOVE MY DOG GOHAN! Support Gohan The Husky's Adventures on Patreon! - It's been a great 2016 year so far! We are glad to share these and more moments with you all. Enjoy...
George Carlin - I Love My Dog George Carlin talks about his dog. Clip from "Doin' It Again" (1990)
Cat Stevens ~ I Love My Dog (HQ) This song by "Cat Stevens" was released in 1966 and i believe it made it to number 28 in the UK charts.. Hope you like the footage i have used for this video, i thought it went quite well together...
Peter Shelley - "Love Me Love My Dog" This single was released in Australia in June 1975 - spent 22 weeks in the charts and got to #17.
CAT STEVENS I Love my Dog Music : CAT STEVENS (UK) I Love my Dog (1966) Dogs from free @ galleries.
Sublime I Love My Dog Live 4-5-1996 HIGH QUALITY Sublime I Love My Dog Live at the House Of Blues 4-5-1996.
I Love My Dog - Cat Stevens (lyrics + slideshow) Yusuf Islam's amazing song "I love my dog". I felt like collecting some of the many pictures I have of my lovely vizsla Happy in one place.
Make Like a Tree - Love my dog Автор и исполнитель Сергей Онищенко Weather conditions -20°C 5m/s.
I Love My Dog by Cat Stevens A happy feel good song by the Coolest Cat of all...
I love my dog American staffordshire pitbull Puppy love -3.
Cat Stevens on French Television in 1967:I Love My Dog Cat Stevens performs 100% LIVE (no lip synch) in this excellent performance on French television in 1967. Thanks to Sacha The Evil One for sharing this mega rare video! Please check out...
I Love My Dog - Sublime I love my dog by sublime, High Quality!
SUBLIME - I Love My Dog a good song by SUBLIME ( obviously) and my doggy norman ;) LAV IT.
The More Boys I Meet (The More I Love My Dog) with Lyrics This boy here wants to move too fast He see's my future as having a past Well, I don't think so I don't think so That boy there, well he's playing a fool He thinks he's funny and he...
Cat Stevens - I love my dog. One of his best songs. I love it - he's one of the best.
Cat Stevens "I Love My Dog" BBC TV Video Alun Davies - Guitar Larry Steele - Bass.

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