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Mom: On the way.
Tiffany: That poor baby!
Tiffany: I can’t let that psycho woman find her.
Mom: Tiffany what did I say?
Mom: Do not go into the basement!
Mom: It’s for your own good.
Tiffany: I have to ...
Mom: Go hide until I or the police get there.
Tiffany: I can’t wait for the police they’re taking too long already!
Mom: Honey please.Stay put!
Tiffany: Mom I’m freaking out here.
Tiffany: I have to do something.
Mom: There’s ...
They look amazing as always 😍💗 #jackgilinsky #jackjohnson #jackandjack @jackgilinsky @jackj @jackandjack
Tiffany: I think I see a shadow in the window…
Tiffany: It’s a woman
Mom: Don’t let her see you!
Mom: She is crazy!
Tiffany: Who’s crazy?
Tiffany: Mom who is that?
Mom: What Is she doing now?
Tiffany: I ...
"Got to hang out jam with @JackAndJack SO COOL!!! ❤️🎤#jackandjack #sweetyhigh"
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I’ve had to make some pretty tough decisions the past few days and I don’t regret them at all. It’s time for me to start focusing on bettering myself and deciding what makes me happy. This picture is an actual ...
Tiffany: Do you hear that?
Mom: Hear what?
Tiffany: There’s a baby crying
Mom: I’m not home
Mom: Wait until I get back
Tiffany: It’s coming from the basement
Mom: Don’t go down there Tiff
Tiffany: What? Why not?
Mom: ...
Dupe :,) anyways hope you guys had a good day!!! 💛
hi i'm back after this two month long hiatus lmao i'm gunna start being active again because i miss showing love and support to my mans cam
what a handsome baby
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Harry Potter has always been my favorite series. Ever since I was a little girl. Christmas at Hogwarts is such a beautiful thing. I've been to the theme parks but during the summer. Have any of you been during winter? ...
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Jack and Jack - Beg lyrics Jack and Jack's new single Beg. This video includes lyrics. Audio was removed due to copyright issues. Sorry everyone! Please like comment and subscribe. All rights go to Jack and Jack I am...
Jack & Jack - All Weekend Long (Official Music Video) Available for Download & Streaming: http://jackandjack.lnk.to/awl Directed by: The Young Astronauts Produced by: Peter Williams (The Young Astronauts) in association with Play Productions...
Jack and Jack Sing Their Tweets Watch Full Episode Here: http://www.go90.com/a/O2YvMhhCUgo Jack and Jack sing their tweets as part of AwesomenessTV Presents airing on the go90 app. → Credits ← FOLLOW JACK&JACK https://www....
RUSSEKNUTER m/Jack and Jack 🎉 | UpCloseTV Hvem av guttene synes du gjorde det best? Gilinsky eller Johnson? Følg Jack and Jack på sosiale medier: Instagram: @jackandjack Twitter: @JackAndJackReal Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Offic...
Madison Beer - All For Love ft. Jack & Jack Available now: http://smarturl.it/AllForLove Director: Hans Emanuel Producer: Azzurro Mallin Video Commissioner: Cori Weber & Yolande Geralds Director of Photography: Ian Rigby Production...
JackandJack Coldhearted Jack and Jack rocked the crowd in the streets of Chicago Saturday when they performed Cold Hearted live.

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