#teamtwohearts Tina Krüger und Dolce Mia #teamtwohearts Tina Krüger und Dolce Mia Stuttgart - German Masters Stuttgart German Masters ClipMyHorse.TV Deutschland ...
Horse shoeing Dunny First horse of the day, Dunny, he has trouble with his eyes at the moment so hence the fly mask. A new pair of fronts and trim up his hinds.
Horse shoeing My first horse of the day, Phoenix. It was pretty cold at minus 5 so getting stuck in helped keep me warm!
4th Qtr: Play 4 1st & goal at Packer 10: Red Zone Run Play – Sweep left Packers play pass. The work horse of the day Matt Suhey scores again!
SM Sporthorses =======================================❤ #twohearts ❤ ===================================== www.
Horse shoeing Cold fitting shoes on my second horse of the day Jubilee This is filmed with my GoPro from my perspective, try turning it upside down for a more normal view!
Shoeing Mickey Shoeing my third horse of the day and he was very good considering the noise going on just yards from where we were. A big 360 scraping concrete and earth ...
Why Do You Need a Farrier Farriers are necessary to a horse's overall health, as any unwanted nuances in the horse's step and gate can be adjusted to prevent future injuries. Understand ...

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