Freestyle totally improv @logic dance flow... Apparently you guys dig it when I get down sans props...
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#mcm was an easy one this week. Coach @jdcrespi is the man. He was a huge help to myself and our training partners running around like a madman this past weekend at #winterwarfare helping @aidanjs17 @dryerl1nt and @adamsparkstraining with lots ...
🌜The deep Feminine, the mystery of consciousness, She who is life, is longing for our transformation as much as we are. She holds back, allowing us free reign to choose, nudging us occasionally with synchronicities, illness, births and deaths… But ...
Following today’s live post - here is my thought of the day 🙌🏽
Post work trail dogging again ... sometimes after a 12hr shift inside you need some fresh air and mud! .
@flowmtbapparel .
#findyourflow #flowmtb #flowmtbapparel #flowriders #loamlife #enduro #yeti #bike #dog #traildog #womensmtb #mtb #sendit #lifebehindbars ...
Mamma moon watchin over @flowyogacenter 😊 #findyourflow
today I practiced yoga with the lovely @wayofc and it felt like a ray of sunshine on a moody day 🌥 cant wait for all the others yoga sessions to come ⚡️⚡️(vid not from today)
Keystone habits spark multiple good habits because they focus on making a dynamic change in your life. For instance, regular exercise could prompt better eating habits. #charlesduhigg #thepowerofhabit
≫≫≫Which keystone habit would spark the most uplifting change in my life?
Monday evening - time to set some new goals for the week (but also to watch a million episodes of Friends on Netflix and not feel guilty about it!) #balance
Gifts of guidance..Having a hard push to leap forth into the New Year with exuberant energy, I take guidance from a few beautiful gifts that came to me this season... taking time to plan, taking time to note direction in ...
Happy Birthday to this amazing woman, Erin Jones @erinarthurjones ! She is an amazing mother, kills it on the bike, and is just an all out inspiration! Erin, we hope you have an amazing day and better yet, an amazing ...
Tipper grooves....
Hoop: 29" Medusa + Bronze 2-piece travel hoop from @nextdayhoops
Use 'SAVVYSPINS' to save on Etsy!
#nextdayhoops #travelhoop #hulahoop #findyourflow #hoopersofnm #gratefulhooper #infinitecircle #notfans
There’s just *one* spot left on our Costa Rica Find Your Flow Retreat for women, March 4th-11th!
If 7 days of yoga, surfing, meditation, group coaching, 3 delicious meals a day, and soul-nourishing like-hearted connections with a beautiful group ...
Are you feeling good? Aligned? Or is there some work that needs to be done?
The good news is that it's Monday and a new day! Anything is possible! It's the perfect opportunity to align yourself with the things that ...
You’ll find lightness
when you drop the weight of
what you think other people
are thinking about you.

Joining the #janyouary2018 challenge a little late, but I can catch up 😉 Day 1 is revolved triangle
#yoga ...
For those of you feeling like you might not be meeting your resolution expectations remember this ❤️
Self love and acceptance is truly most important. If you’re struggling to remember this join us on your mat to take time to ...
So excited to get back to practicing and teaching next week!!!! Have you always wanted to try yoga? Are you interested in learning more about finding your breath, learning poses, alignment and safe modifications? I can help! Join me for ...
Find your flow, flow is finding you | innerwise | Uwe Albrecht Uwe Albrecht nimmt dich mit auf Entdeckungsreise und zeigt dir den Fluss des Lebens. Aber wie können wir den Fluss des Lebens finden und wirklich im flow sein? Sind wir bereit zu lernen und...
Find Your Flow! 2017 Rückblick Hier Tickets für 2018 im Frühbucher-Rabatt sichern ▷ Wir möchten uns nochmal bei allen Teilnehmern bedanken, nur durch euch konnte dieses...
#findyourflow Igea, La Rioja 2017 Divertida jornada con los chicos de TrackMtb en su curso-quedada-ruta chula #findyourflow, con base en el Albergue Juvenil de la localidad riojana de Igea.
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