One Man Show Video One Man Show Video. Last year we posted a video of a hand doing a one man connection & it was HUGE (Donald Trump Voice). The video was shared a few ...
Go & No Go Ring Video Here we have a go & no go gauge ring video that we had recorded live a few years back. Take a look as I never knew about it before seeing this before myself.
Clear The Floor Now! Pt 2 Aztec Drilling rig 980. This is the third unplanned blowout event this rig had while trying to drill intermediate. I don't think it was gas. I think they were unloading ...
Longchange Discount Code Man O Man, Discount Code Longchange At Check Out Save 10 Bucks On All Our Gear. Hit Up https://drillersclub.net/ & Check It Out!
How’d He Do Lord Of The Board? Or Ruffie4Life? You Decide🤨
Fastest Casers THE FASTEST CASING CREW ON THE PLANET. THE FUTURE OF CASING. This Video was made in 2011 & claims to be the future of casing running.
Stand Connection Makin' A Connection, Thoughts On This? Comment Below & Let Us Know.
Offshore Life Beautiful Day Aboard The Maersk Intrepid Amazing Ben, Looks Like The Place To Be! #offshore #maresk #summerdays #drillersclub.
Ensign 354 Full Throttle Latchin' It Up How We Do It Round Here. Send your best videos in to [email protected] TODAY! Include names, rigs, shout outs or just submit what you ...
►DC Presents Oil Man Live Acoustic Chad Cooke Band performing 'OIL MAN' in downtown Kilgore, TX. DOWNLOAD 'Oil Man' here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/eas... Like them on Facebook ...
Hammer Down Hammer Down In The Land Of Texas Send Us Your Best Videos Today!
For The Hands By The Hands Showcase Your Best, Email Us With Your Best! [email protected] Include whatever you wish or leave it anonymous the choice is yours.
Drillers Club Knowledge Videos Videos To Expand Your Mind Man, Give It A Shot, See What You Got.
Fly By Rig At Night Very cool video we promoted & a sweet ass product, check out the video. You decide.
Green Monster PD 604 Our first attempt at "Legends of the Past" series. Let us know if you like the style of editing & the video itself! Which will be the next Legend Of The Past?!!
Drillers Club Drillers Club Channel Leader In All Drilling Videos From The Industry WORLD WIDE!! Email Your Videos To [email protected] with your description, shout ...
Drillers Club Question 1 What's your primary well control? Do you know the answer, comment below if you do.
Roughnecks at Work in HD - Drilling Rig Pipe Connection Roughnecks at work smoothly running a kelly drive drilling rig exploring for oil. They're making a connection or "pipe stab" to continue drilling downward.

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