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Good morning, and Happy Friday!
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Cumonass/hollywoodrape as bane 2 NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED Warner Bros. I had to do another one, I miss the guy :(
Cumonass Videos These are all old Eli/Cumonass/Hollywood Rape's old videos from his old channel that were recovered.
PEDO MICHEAL JACKSON IS DEAD!!! INTERNET CRITICS HUMBLED!!! PS3 IS A PIECE OF SHIT!!! In which Cumonass beats a dead horse, takes another crack at, and mostly importantly, declares THE PS3 IS SHIT! Yeah, cool story bro.
WHY WATCHMEN WILL SUCK AND THE FALSE FANS WILL LOVE IT!!! Here it is, the video that gave Cumonass the title of the Watchmen preacher, in all its glory. vs cumonass play a video by cumonass on their podcast.
Cumonass fails to show up for radio show Cumonass was invited to appear on the radio. He pulled out at the last minuet. They decided to play a clip of one of his youtube videos and poke fun at him. would like to invite Cumonass for Spill Party next year! From Let's Do This! - September 9, 2009. Dear, Cumonass. You screwed them off a lot. Doesn't mean they'll hate you, man!!!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA WARNING: THIS VIDEO HAS A LOT OF EXPLICT...
CumOnAss Video Response Took 3 days to make this. And kind of out of sync.
Mr. CUMONASS, I would like to have a word with you! Hey guys! Just making a video about the fat man himself: CUMONASS! -Rate -Subscribe -Favorite -Block? It's whatever.
CUMONASS real name!!! I troll, yes I do, let's see you do some tooooo dooo dee dooo dooo.

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