Frisbee training 21.01.18r. Kiri - borderwhippet mix Scottie - border collie Avia - border collie Kiwi - border collie Figa - schnauzer miniature.
OctoberUpdate Lavish the border whippet at 22 months.
Flyball Box Views Hawk (border whippet), Venture (whippet) Journey (border whippet mix) and Jaru (whippet)
X Static - 14.584 - Apr 16, 2016 New best team time. K9 Outlaws' Breakin' the Law NAFA tournament - Westworld - Scottsdale, AZ. Trilogy (border/whippet) - .112 start / 3.444 sec. Owned and handled by Colleen Morita. Tribal...
Introducing... Prim! I kind of accidentally adopted a nine month old border whippet from work three and a half weeks ago. Whoops.
Sincity's Journey 11 week old border border whippet.
Envy practice - May 2015 Envy, Kevin Lawson's 16-month-old border/whippet, in her first few practices on the box.
Lavish's First Video Here is On Target's A Bit Extravagant "Lavish" in her first video - she is a great little border whippet who is fitting in perfectly with our family!
X Static - 14.615 sec - CanAm regular record - Oct 19, 2014 In the right lane: Trilogy - border/whippet - .068 start / 3.479 LTL Tribal - border/whippet - 1 ft pass / 3.587 AK - border/staffy - perfect pass / 3.864 - 10" height dog Viking - whippet...
Border Whippet 1st tugging session in Flyball This is Serve's first tugging session 11 weeks old and going after the tug.
Catcher working on his turn Catcher, a Border/Whippet, learning his swimmer's turn in practice.
Tough dogs.. And my 30 pound cat. Border collie, whippet and border/whippet playing.
Tova's Border/Whippet litter of 9 My visit to NH to see Flick and Jamie's 9 puppies at three and half weeks old. August 28, 2012.
Millie Borderwhippet babies birthday! Millies puppies were born 6/15/2012 from 7:10AM to 1:19PM. She is doing very well and is a good mom! There are 4 males and 4 females. The theme is Energy Drinks! The Girls: Loko, Kore,...
Jetz's 3.642 run Jetz a Border whippet owned by Darla runs a personal best of 3.642 in Ufli singles. This time includes her start.
X Treme 15.326 - U-FLI Championships (Purina Farms) - November 13, 2010 X Flyball new best time 15.326 Seek (border/staffy) .019 start / 4.003, LTL 3.98 Stare (border/whippet) 3 ft pass / 3.844, LTL 3.74 Hostel (border/staffy) 1 ft pass / 3.694, LTL 3.66...
Shazam Swimming and Recalls.mpg Shazam is an awesome Border/ Staffy cross puppy about 41/2 months old. He loves playing Tug and ball, and just learned to swim in the past week. He is very confident and is doing target training...
Trend goes swimming for the first time Trend an 11 week old border whippet went swimming for her first time.
Viper play Border Whippet Viper having Fun....
Fly Dog This is fly A border whippet at bark avenue. Hopefully ill be working with fly in the future in a varity of things. Shes wicked awsome.

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