Great Day out with my new mate Herc.
Merry Christmas everyone!
Having a swim! 😓😨🐶
Hopefully I learn a thing or two!
Hmmm. This looks serious. Seems my arch nemesis has moved into my territory while I was on holidays with sis.
Here is a photo from my recent holiday. Just chilling with my sis!
Back from holiday!! 🎉 🐶
'look at me! I'm so cute!'
Enjoying my new birthday present 'piglet' 🐷 🐶 ♥
Fun with new people today!
Did someone say ice-cream!
My favourite ball has gone for a swim without me!
Having a very important conversation with my friend!
Happy Times!
Just day dreamin'
Going on a fun car ride!
Probably not my best angle!! 😂 😁
Having a splash 💦 in the pond!
Delighted to have my good friend Monty visit for a sleepover this week! .
#banditothedoggo #cattledog #blueheeler #cute #cavoodle #friends #sleepover #fun
Sometimes even the best guards have to rest. 💤 .
#banditothedoggo #cattledog #blueheeler #sleep #fun #cute #dog

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