ASS PHAT Turn your volume up full.
GABRIELLE UNION ASS (PHAT ASS IN BELL BOTTOM JEANS) Gabrielle union ass. Phat ass in bell bottom blue jeans.
PHAT ASS = PHAT DAMAGE (Sona Mid is BROKEN) It would seem the only way to nerf this is to nerf the booty itself. I just cannot see such a thing happening. All the Songs are DJ Sona Soundtracks. Twitter ...
Ass phat Dancing in my messy room.
APHL (Ass Phat Hair Long) LoLa Monroe (Verse Only) LoLa Monroe get's all up in ya brain, gives a couple mindgasms while ballin out in spain on J. Star's song "Ass Phat Hair Long"
Zell Zilla, Purple Twon Damn That Ass Phat the first 100 female dancers that would like a personal song with your ideas and name in it over any industry beat email us at ([email protected])

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