Days like today I look around and remember just how blessed I am. This last year has left me speechless and I am so blessed with the continuous support from my parents, friends and community. Please join me tomorrow for ...
💫 “La realidad es neutra, como la percibimos es cosa nuestra.”
Borja Vilaseca
Pues eso, a seguir practicando el modo observador para seguir aprendiendo 👍🏼
#buenasnoches cuadrilla 🙏🏼
Don't be afraid
of your fears.
They're not there
to scare you.
They're there to
let you know
that something
is worth it.
#twistingtribe day 2 #forwardfold with a #twist - choosing a #prasarita variation with a twist that feels so good 💕
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I had no idea this tree was going to be so wobbly 😂 I guess thw fact that it fell out of the ground should have been a hint.

Finally some time outside.. it has been amazing. Perfectly timed for ...
Everyone comes to their mat for different reason, levels of endurance, strength, and flexibility. Don't forget, it's all about alignment. ⠀
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Day ✌️ of #yogaforlovechallenge is Ardha Chandrasana or Half Moon pose 🌗
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The reason I found yoga.
Physio: try yoga?
Me: nah I’m not into that hippy shit
Physio: open your mind, find your yoga
Me: ok ...
🍩🎡🚴‍♀️ Day 2️⃣0️⃣ of #letthewheelsturn with @cyogalab is 🔄 #ekapadarajakapotasanai variant 🚴‍♀️🎡🍩
Sped up 3x 🎶 -Lauren Daigle .
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♥ Behind you, all your memories.
☽ Before you, all your dreams. ♡ Around you, all who love you. ➸ Within you, all you need. .
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☝️Here's the variation of the Pigeon Pose that improves not only mobility but also hip stability! It's harder than it looks so give it a try and let me know how it goes!
Patience is a virtue, so it’s said. Have you checked in with yourself to see if you’ve had enough patience with yourself, your practice, your present moments. Have your present moments been mindful and belonging to you? Today, remember that ...
Back on my mat ... you too!
Dopo qualche giorno di convalescenza ( la mia😊) ritorno morbido sul tappetino per continuare il lavoro sulle aperture del 💗
Join me this Wednesday for a smooth Vinyasa flow exploring poses as #mermaidpose ...
I have to remember not everyone is on my time, regardless of plans made people have their own priorities that maybe don’t match up with mine. And that’s ok. The change and shift need to happen from within me to ...
Day 2
Standing pose with a song in my head. And I practice with music,
And sometimes they stick really good.
I wanna fly so high that I'll never come down
I wanna love so hard, it could rip ...
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