1D Forever На этом канале будут выходить видео с участниками группы One Direction!!!
1DForever Me revoilà, dites moi ce que vous pensez du nouveau types de vidéos que je sort.
#1D Forever This is my new channel!!!!! It does not really matter to me if my channel is popular or not. Networks like this are not really ''big'' in my life, but it would be cool if it ...
Apresentação de Adms e Cdcs que vão fazer o vlog "Equipe 1DForever fala" Espero que gostem de nós, seja educado, respeite todas as escolhas e as opiniões do próximo e de todos os vlogs que vamos fazer! Obrigado por assistir!
1D Forever Young Cover Singing forever young version from one direction, Didnt try much so video might suk :/
One direction // Forever Young Thank all of you for the 1 000 000 views on my video just wow. WOW. JUST WOW. I would never have hoped that there would be so much views on my video.

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