🐾 Dutch Shepherd 🎂 3 years old 📍 Fort Collins, CO 💕 Expert cuddle buddy 🐿 Amateur squirrel hunter

Sleepy time 💤
Daydreaming of pool weather ☀️🌴 #tbt
Squirrel chasing > Coffee
Is it summer yet? #tbt
Rise and shine ☀️
#tot 😋
Happiness is a new toy 🦆
Working on my tan ☀️
Thank you @wagzgrooming for helping my Mom pick out the best treats ❤️👍🏼🎉
Can I eat the cookie yet? 🐾🎉🎈
Prairie dog huntin
Sunday snooze 😴
Majestic ✨
Peanut butter face. 🥜#tongueouttuesday #tot #peanutbutter
Tongue out Tuesday✖️4. 😝
If I keep this up she’ll pick up my #kong for me right? 😏
My best “can I have your food please?” face. 😉

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