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Waddup -m
y they all so pretty -m
Im going on a date somewhere this week lmao -m
Valentine -m
5sos with fans is the best -m
I went skiing yesterday and i had so much fun ! -m
School starts again Monday after a week off and I haven’t been any productive hehe -m
1 more minute aaah -m
Update : I didn’t get tickets :( they were already sold out
I starter watching Gilmore girls and it’s so gooood -m
Want you back has been on repeat since it came out :) -m
Want you back sounds soooo good -m
I cant wait till want you back anymore -m
I saw imagine dragons live last night aaah -m
5sos III I cant -m
5SOS 3 W H A T -m
Valentine’s Day tomorrow , guess who’s gonna be eating pizza living the single life -m
Im so tired , I had three parties this weekend and I have walked a lot but it was fun so it’s okay -m
I’m going to be so busy this weekend -m
Today sucked -m
5sos better release some new music , the whole 5sos fam is falling apart (I’m not leaving tho ) -m
I hung out with my friends yesterday and we had so much fun -m
These past couple of days have been literal shit @ashtonirwin @lukehemmings @calumhood @michaelclifford @5sos @lowest.qualityluke @lowest.qualitysupernatural
I have nothing interesting to say so I’ll just say this :) -m
I got a lp from sounds good feels good for my birthday yaaaass -m
Happy birthday to one of the most talented and nice people in the world @calumhood I love you maaann, wish you a great day ❤️ -m

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