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Rip Dolores O’Riordan :( -m
Hello, how was your day ?
It’s sooo cold -m
I have so much studying to do this weekend I’m gonna die lmao how was your day?
Heyo so I have a project due Friday, testing tomorrow which causes me to miss half a day of midterm review with midterms next week along with my temps test yo gurl is stressing but it’s okay. OH ALSO I ...
School is starting today but I’m sick 🤒-m
I’m taking a barre class tomorrow at the gym lit lit lit
I got a new gym membership and they have classes so I signed up for a bunch of classes. I checked my class for tomorrow and it’s CYCLING AT 10AM HAHAHAHA IM GONNA DIE. @lowest.qualityluke @lowest.qualitymichael @lowest.qualitysupernatural @lowest.qualitycalum @ashtonirwin @lukehemmings ...
What’s everyone doing today ?
Waddup -m
Hi I’m really bored how are you ? @ashtonirwin @lukehemmings @calumhood @michaelclifford @5sos @lowest.qualityluke @lowest.qualitycalum @lowest.qualitysupernatural @lowest.qualityvamps @lowest.qualityshawn
Happy new year! Do you have any New Years resolutions? -m
Hey long time no post I hope everyone is having a great new year woot woot 2018
My dog is so cute -m
Only four days left of 2017 what -m
Damn Ashton this picture is lovely -m
Happy holidays y’all! ❤️ -m
I had a school party last night and this guy who is two years above me looked so good lol -m
I bought two dresses for Christmas and they’re so cute -m
I have a french test tomorrow so I’m very stressed -m
There is so much drama in my friend group and I’m getting blamed for everything -m
Guys I’m going to the dentist in 30 minutes because my tooth fell out yesterday :( -m
Ashton shirtless in the tour bus -m
I’m sick at home :( -m
Guys My parents got me and my sisters a puppy and she’s so cute ! But we haven’t figured out a name yet -m
Guys I got a record player last week and I’m obsessed -m
Happy six years of 5sos y’all ! ❤️ -m
5sos turning six tomorrow :) -m

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