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🚨Grande vente VIP ce week-end chez Popeyes🚨

Je serai au Popeyes Brossard ce jeudi de 10h à 13h pour te faire découvrir le tout nouveau pré-workout Pre4, l’incontournable Quattro vanille et le fameux Hi5 BCAA👌🏼

Au plaisir de ...

CEO- @markuskaulius

Si tu ne suis pas déjà Markus sur instagram, je t’invites à le faire à l’instant! Le positivisme et l’entregent de Markus est contagieux, c’est un homme inspirant qui a su écouter ses rêves et prendre ...
Happy #flexfriday fitfam🌟
That day I had the chance to meet @ajellison in Las Vegas! He is 3x WBFF World Muscle Model Champion and to me has one of the best posing of them all👌🏼He is also inspiring, authentic and ...
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Who's going to the Arnold's? Come meet Team Magnum at booth #1211.
. The Magnum booth is always the highest energy booth at the convention so be ready for some fun! . Come check us ...
Happy Valentines day to all of you! Although I think is it a pretty commercial holiday, I’ll take the time to tell my other half how much I love him❤️To me, it could actually be Valentine everyday, I don’t need ...
#magnummonday jour 4

Les multivitamines; la base👌🏼

Tout comme le déjeuner est le repas le plus important de la journée, les multivitamines sont selon moi la base d’une bonne supplementation.
✅ Énergie
✅ Anti-Âge
✅ Omegas
✅ Minéraux
Can you tell it was a cold and rainy day☔️ I was freezinnnngg my butt off, I actually had to go in my car warm up for a couple of minutes before going back outside🤦🏼‍♀️but I love shooting so much ...
When in doubt remember how strong you are and always reach for the best version of yourself💪🏼

Picture of me a couple of days after my competition last year, unfortunately I cannot be as lean all year round but ...
We were all smiles today at the @hardmagnum 💊product knowledge! It is always a pleasure to see you @markuskaulius, each time I’m impressed by your speech, your authenticity and your energy☀️ Have you ever thought creating motivational podcast🤔 Hope you ...
#magnummonday Jour 3

Quattro🏅Je pense qu’une protéine de qualité est la base d’une bonne supplementation! J’ai toujours deux à trois saveurs disponibles chez moi, parfaite pour après l’entraînement ou comme collation👌🏼

30g de protéine par scoop, elle contribue à ...
Sending all of you much love😘❤️

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Let Performance Panties be your Valentine this year! 💕 Don't forget about our deal running from now until Feb 7! Use the code VALENTINES25 at the checkout for ...
Happy #flexfriday everyone! With the beautiful and new @fitnessgurls @_jadeatkinson and Coach and athlete @jeanjacquesbarrett at the Olympia weekend💪🏼 Wish you guys an amazing weekend😘

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🤔Thinking about competing this year... Do you guys have any ideas of bikini color or themewear theme I could create this year?!💃🏼

Let me know!!! I love to be original and unique🤩

And when I’ll know, there is ...
#magnummonday Jour 2

Do you stack?
Avez vous le bon stack?💊
@hardmagnum a l’avantage d’être une gamme complète de produits qui te permettra d’atteindre tes objectifs, que ce soit perdre du gras, maintenir de saines habitudes alimentaires👩🏼‍🌾, prise de masse ...
13 years!!! Happy birthday Magnum 🎉

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Magnum is celebrating 13 years of hard work, dedication, integrity and commitment to providing the highest quality supplements available. We're celebrating our Magnum family which includes our amazing ...
You know what day is around the corner🤔... The girls know what i’m talking about❤️

You want to please her or why not please yourself, get a pair of @performancepanties🔥

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Valentine’s day is ...
#magnummonday Jour 1

Grade pharmaceutique✅

La qualité des ingrédients est primordiale☝🏼Magnum s’assure d’utiliser des ingredients pures afin de maximiser les résultats de sa ligne de produits. Pour utiliser le terme pharmaceutique, les produits doivent contenir un minimum de 99% de ...
What is your favorite color? Black, Red, Purple or Pink?!👯‍♀️
And there is many other colors to choose from on the website❤️

Go check it out at performancepanties.com👌🏼

Use my code karinem10 to get 10% off your new ...
I was nominated by @eve.m.art to tell you « 5 facts about me that you ignore if you don’t know me well »
1. I dream to live in the country on a barn with horses and chicken. I love the peace ...
Demo Alert 🚨

Je vais être au Popeyes de Longueuil ce jeudi entre 10h et 13h 🕐
Vous êtes chanceux, j’aurai des échantillons pour vous faire goûter le nouveau pré -workout Magnum Pre4🌟Je ferai aussi essayer la classique magnum ...
#magnummonday💊(english below)

C’est aujourd’hui que je vous annonce le début ma série d’information et de découverte de la magnifique gamme de produit @hardmagnum. Avant d’être une athlète commanditée, j’étais une fervente admiratrice de cette compagnie pour ses valeurs, sa ...
Here is the natural me, smiling and laughing🤪

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When a guy asks if girls actually do have pillow fights in nothing but their panties.
Athlete: @karine.mailhot
Photographer: @seeleyfoto
#performance ...
Congratulations to my @hardmagnum teammates who made it through the 2018 Hot and Fit👯‍♀️Special congrats to my coach @emilie.provencher❤️ Unfortunately I wasn’t selected this year, but hey that doesn’t stop me😈 Now I can show you guys the amazing picture ...
Wish I could go to LA with the Magnum family! If you have a chance, pass by the 843# booth💪🏼

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LA fam! We're in town for the Fit Expo this weekend. 🙌🏼 Come and visit ...
Like they said a strong woman look a challenge in the eyes and gives it a wink😉
You can do it🔥

To get your @performancepanties go on the website and get my discount karinem10🤑

💯 % 🙋🏼‍♀️

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Some of my favorite and most memorable moment of 2017🤩
I realized 2 goals that I gave myself; being part of the @hardmagnum family and won my fitness competition SAF❤️I also went to Las Vegas twice; first with my family ...
Happy Birthday to my @hardmagnum teammate🎉 @emilygrahamfitness! We met in Vegas for @mrolympiallc weekend! I’m happy to have had the chance to meet you, it was so much fun👯‍♀️ I wish you the best for 2018 and hopefully we’ll have ...

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