I saw Lana on 10/24/17 and on 2/2/18 🎟

Fuck me hard in the pouring rain 😩
Lana at the Tropico premier 💄 The second pic gives me Lizzy Grant realness ♥️
My autographed vinyl 🌼
Lana for Número Tokyo back in 2013 💕 This is one of my top favorite photo shoots of her 💘
This 2013 iconic photo of Lana was taken by Jean-Baptiste Mondino for Madame Figaro 💙
Lana at the 2013 Echo Awards 🐊
Lana for L’Officiel Paris back in 2013 🌹
Lana on the covers of V Magazine: 2015 and 2017 💄
Lana for The Fader Magazine 🙏🏼
Lana for The Fader Magazine 🌸
Lana at the 2014 Breakthrough Prizes Ceremony 😍
Lana for The Fader Magazine 😍 These shots are pretty sick, if you ask me 🙃
Ultraviolence 🖤
Lana performing at the Sweetlife Music & Food Festival in Columbia, Maryland 🖤
Which Ultraviolence track immediately rock your socks off? 🖤
Endless Summer Tour: Las Vegas 💘
Lana performing at Glastonbury Festival 😍
Lana at Coney Island, 2014 🎡
Lana at the 2014 Breakthrough Prizes Ceremony 👼🏻
Our angel at Urban Outfitters 😍
Lana looking glamorous for Galore 💎
Lana for Billboard Magazine ❤️💙
Lana for Vogue Turkey 🇹🇷
Two NYC queens at the 10th annual Billboard Women in Music event back in 2015 ❤️🖤
Lana for Nylon Español 💖 Honestly, this photo shoot is perfection 😍 Look who I tagged at the end 😂
Lana attending the British Fashion Awards at London Coliseum back in 2014 💚 I just wanna pinch her cheeks, to be honest 😭
Which song from Honeymoon simply takes your breath away? 🌙
Lana at Space 15 Twenty 😍 I hope I get to meet her beautiful soul someday 😭
Lana at the ‘Big Eyes’ film press conference back in 2015 👁 The last pic tho 😭
Blessed with beauty and rage 🔥 Lana for Billboard, 2015 💋

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