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IFBB Pro Bodybuilder 22 years🇨🇦 @Jed_North Athlete @ReachYourMHP Athlete @BroActiveWear 📽Youtube: Chris Bumstead Online Coaching👇🏼

Excited to announce I have officially joined up with @Jed_North Apparel🔥Couldn’t be happier to be part of such an amazing team, from the athletes, to the behind the scenes squad creating apparel with true passion. @Jed_North first approached me as ...
Smiling because Christmas🎅🏼

Shot by @jasonbreeze
Happy Birthday to the best big sis and best best friend I could ever ask for💃🏻 Love you since day one❤️❤️ @melissabum
Numero uno thing I continuously heard that needed to come up was this pose right here. Going to be a hell of a lot of rows getting done this year. I see so much wrong with this shot from the ...
I said if I got 100,000 views on the 10k food challenge I’d do 15k in a day... Now who wants to see me stuff my face again??? And @sabtwyman is about half of me so she’s volunteered to try ...
Honored to be on the cover of this months @muscle_and_fitness magazine🔥 Huge thanks to @thenewmejourney for gettin this shot and the amazing shoot we had down in Vegas🙏🏼 @reachyourmhp #theprodigy
LINK IN BIO🔥 New YouTube video is up, throwback chest workout to my first time training at The Mecca @goldsgym 🙏🏼 Film and edit by the man @dreschervisuals so you don’t have to worry about my lack of film skills😬 ...
Back home to 🇨🇦 Somehow not fat after 2 weeks of eating whatever i could get my hands on🤷🏻‍♀️ And yes i know I’m still a skinny bitch @ifbbiain I guess I gotta keep eating🙏🏼 @reachyourmhp
Today marks a sad day where a good man pays the price for living with no ragrats. Really should’ve known something was bound to go wrong trying to curl 400lbs😬 But on a side not check out @calumvonmoger YouTube video ...
Even though I been eating like poop these last 2 weeks and I’m fluffier then all the IHop pancakes i been eating, I had to get a shot in the famous @GoldsGym posing room👌🏼
When you’re the only one in your squad who hasn’t won the Olympia... Can’t say this happens everyday🤷🏻‍♀️ Always good seeing @breonma_ and @dannyhester
Happy Birthday to this little guy right here @ifbbiain Shot was taken in 2014, my first year of bodybuilding where he introduced me to the sport and coached me to step on stage for the first time. Fast forward 3 ...
Cyber Monday sale is on! Use promo code MONDAY for 20% off on all training and diet programs🙌🏼 Message me on my site
Currently Offering👇🏼
✔️Personalized Meal Plans!
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Pro tip to all females out there: Always let your man out angle you🙏🏼
Last day for @fathersons_ sale, classy men’s wear at its finest🙏🏼
If you spend over 70$ you get 10% off your order.
If you spend over 100$ you get 15% off your order.
With no shows in sight, no diet to follow, no mandatory cardio, nothing I have to follow, it feels damn good to just be doing what I love because I want to🙌🏼 As exciting as it can be jumping from ...
Not going to lie the hardest part of this set was keeping my big ass IHop breakfast from coming back up🤢 Leg day complete at The Mecca @goldsgym 🔥 #reachyourmhp
Just enjoy life.
2nd Black Friday deal imma present y’all with👀 20% off all training and diet programs when you use promo code BLACK on my site. Check the link in my bio or go to 🙏🏼
@Fathersons_ Black Friday Sale is on🔥
If you spend over 70$ you get 10% off your order.
If you spend over 100$ you get 15% off your order.
Check em’ out so you don’t have to dress like a bum ...
Work so hard your dreams aren’t really dreams, but an inevitable outcome🔥 #reachyourmhp @broactivewear
When she shares the first bite of pizza, you keep her... and then eat the rest of the pizza🤷🏻‍♀️ .
@jednorth @broactivewear
Link in bio👀 New video is up🙌🏼 Got some heavy ass deadlifts, attempting to train legs with my bum knee, and the making of my “prep friendly” protein pancakes👌🏼 Also got Muffin Butt ( @sabtwyman ) training booty🔥 Click the ...
Sometimes in life you just need stop, take a moment, and ask yourself why the hell you’re wearing jeans in 30 degrees Celsius weather #sweatybootyswag 🙄 At least my @fathersons_ is nice n’ breezy🙏🏼 #werenotincanadaanymoretoto
I heard it’s snowing back in Canada?😘
Good times last night for our @broactivewear meet up🙏🏼 Killer gym and met some awesome people! And of course well fed by @jetfuelcatering
First time getting a facial down here in Miami👀 Getting pampered AF, we classic boys gotta keep it pretty💅🏼 Not going to lie it was actually pretty nice😂 👸🏻
The face you make when you bang your shin on the edge of your bed😬. @ReachYourMHP
Would ya just look at it👀 #reachyourmhp

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